Fully accredited in Australia and internationally recognised

Australian Institute of Business, known to many as AIB, is a registered higher education provider that has an array of high quality tertiary programmes for busy working adults, including Australia’s most popular MBA, the AIB MBA. 

We may have over 30 years of history and we are one of the most established private education institutions in Australia but we are future focused and dedicated to continuous improvement.

AIB is a globally recognised institution that caters specifically to working adults. AIB higher education programmes are accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and internationally recognised. 

Furthermore we are recognised by a number of international government departments, agencies and registries. So when you are going for that next job or business deal, planning to move overseas, or looking to enrol in your next qualification – you can be assured that our degrees are fully accredited and internationally recognised.

Accredited higher education courses

AIB is currently delivering the following courses:

Courses: Qualifications (recognised with the AQF) Annual enrolment numbers (2017 EFTSL)~ Accreditation Status Location of delivery CRICOS Registered*
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)+
  • Diploma of Management+
  • Associate Degree of Management – Exit award only+
  • Bachelor of Business Administration+
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurial Management)+
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Management)+
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)+
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)+
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)+
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Tourism and Hospitality Management)+
DipMgt – 113.62
BBA – 355.75
All accredited Blended via Overseas Teaching Centres No
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Certificate in Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Management – Exit award only
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurial Management)
  • Master of Business Administration (Finance)
  • Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
  • Master of Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing Management)
  • Master of Business Administration (Tourism and Hospitality Management)#
Grad CertMgt – 813.38
MBA – 2177.38
All accredited Online via AIB Adelaide, and Blended via Overseas Teaching Centre No
Master of Management (MMgt)
  • Graduate Certificate in Action Research & Action Learning
  • Graduate Certificate in Work-Based Learning
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Management (Work-Applied Learning)
MMgt – 0.25 All accredited Blended via AIB Adelaide No
Research Courses
  • Master of Management (Research)
  • Graduate Certificate in Management (Research) – Exit Award only
  • Graduate Diploma in Management (Research) – Exit Award only
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy
MMgt(Res) – 0.5 DBA – 6.5 All accredited Blended via AIB Adelaide No
  Total Enrolments
(2017 EFTSL)~

* AIB is not a CRICOS-registered provider and is unable to enrol Student Visa holders + AIB is currently not enrolling students in the Bachelor of Business Administration courses # AIB is currently not enrolling students in the Master of Business Administration (Tourism and Hospitality Management) course ~ EFSTL as reported to the Department of Education

Our degrees are practical

Business isn’t just theory. Neither are our degrees.

Practical learning has been embedded throughout the subjects we offer, to ensure we create effective business leaders and high performing managers. 

Our degrees are flexible

AIB are responsive to the needs of the modern world and busy professionals with families, careers, commitments and demands of everyday life and our study and online learning options are flexible.

AIB’s history

AIB first began as a management consultancy incorporated in 1984 as Gibaran Pty Ltd (Gibaran) and obtained accreditation to deliver its first higher education course in 1995. On 1 July 2011, Gibaran rebranded as the Australian Institute of Business Pty Ltd and its constitution can be reviewed here.

We are the first private provider accredited to offer prestigious research degrees, including Master of Management, Master of Management (Research), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).


Board of Directors

The AIB Board of Directors as the corporate governing body is collectively responsible for AIB operations and course delivery, and is comprised of:

  • Daren McKennay (Chair)
  • Joel Abraham
  • Sanjay Abraham
  • Michael Carpenter
  • Emeritus Professor Hilary Winchester

Academic Board

The AIB Academic Board oversees the development and implementation of our policies and procedures and ensures that the academic standards are at the highest quality level possible and that we benchmark ourselves against our peers in the industry. For further information, please see AIB Academic Board webpage.

Executive Management Team

The AIB executive management team oversees the daily operations of AIB and reports to the Board of Directors:

  • Paul Wappett – Chief Executive Officer
  • Prof Ingrid Day – Academic Dean
  • Jo Thomas – Chief Operating Officer

AIB’s organisation structure can be reviewed here.

Financial Standing

Australian Institute of Business Pty Limited (ACN 009 115 422, “AIB”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIB Education Group Pty Limited (ACN 604 951 162) and all of the trading activities of the group are conducted through AIB.

As required by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, AIB submits independently audited annual financial statements which represent the consolidated financial statements of AIB Education Group Pty Limited and all of the activities of AIB.

View AIB’s most current Statement of Financial Standing here.

The Commonwealth Department of Education and Training has granted AIB temporary exemption for Tuition Assurance for 2018 until a new national strategy has been developed. Please see the AIB Tuition Assurance Statement on the AIB policies web page for further information.


To be recognised as the leading education institution for delivering a Real Career Impact for working adults.

Mission Statement

To deliver life-changing experiences.


We believe in upholding the integrity of education.

We know that our status is a privilege and not a right. We are always honest, ethical and guided by strong moral principles.

We believe that the student comes first.

Above all, we exist to change the lives of our students.

We value strategic thinking.

We are not interested in quick wins. We are in it for the long haul. We will not compromise on our vision for short term success.

We value innovation.

We are a high growth institution that has always done things differently. We value out of the square thinking, innovative ideas, and new creative approaches that have the potential to change the world.

We believe in ownership and accountability.

To achieve the organisation’s goals, we each have a role to play. We are responsible for delivering to the expectation of our roles and must hold each other accountable to this.

We value outcomes.

Although we value effort, we don’t think that “trying” is enough. We value the actual achievement of results.

We believe in building lifelong relationships.

We know that long term relationships with all stakeholders are key to AIB’s long term sustained success.

We value team spirit.

Changing the lives of students all over the world can only be achieved with a huge team effort.

We believe in fun and recognition

We are on a long journey together. We must constantly celebrate small wins along the way, and more importantly, enjoy the journey.

Step into your future with AIB today.