AIB was the first private provider in Australia approved to award doctoral degrees in business-related subjects and the first provider with approval for our existing Master’s level research qualification.

Together our innovative research higher degrees portfolio comprises:

For more information, please visit the Information for Research Candidates page.

We have an excellent track record of successful supervision drawing on our networks industry and our academic team and have developed sound procedures that meet the needs of today’s research students. We understand that you will be engaged in the world of work while you are studying and you will draw on this as an applied learning laboratory.

Entry into the RHD is, of course, highly competitive and is based on strict criteria. Successful completion of an AIB Masters qualification is a potential pathway, but not an automatic entry.

Which programme should you choose? Much depends on your own background, on your particular skills and aptitude, and on your career path. Some students start with the MMgt and later convert to a doctoral programme. When it comes to choosing between the DBA and the PhD, neither is implicitly ‘better’. They are both doctoral qualifications, but they are different and you should choose what is best for you.

Applications for 2019 are now open. For further information, you are invited to contact the AIB Research Coordinator by emailing